April 22 Humor

 * A plumber was hired to fix a leak. He came in with his canvas tool bag and when he opened it, money started flowing out all over the floor. 20’s, 50’s even $100 bills were falling on the floor. The embarrassed plumber stuffed the money back into the bag and started to go back out to the truck, “Can you believe this?” He says disgusted. “I brought in the wrong bag.”

 # Two cows were grazing at the side of the road when a milk delivery truck stopped for a moment outside the fence. The truck sign read, “Fresh milk, Pasteurized, homogenized, with Vitamin A and D added.” The one cow turned to the other and said, “It kind of makes you feel inferior doesn’t it.”

* I got into a lot of trouble as a kid. I made counterfeit monopoly money and sold fake ID’s to people who wanted to get Medicare early.