August 11 Humor

* Seattle voters have an overwhelming rejected a proposal to raise money for preschoolers by having a $.10 a cup tax on espresso drinks.  I’m just glad it got defeated because if it had passed, there would have been riots: people turning over BMWs, looting the Pottery Barn, police would have had to subdue them with fresh ground pepper spray.

@ My wife and I were strolling through the mall and she stopped to look at some trinket on one of the kiosks. As I stood there a good-looking young girl walked by in a very form fitting dress and I watched her coming and going. My ears perked up when I heard my wife ask., “Was that worth the trouble you are in now?”

 @ Two teenagers were in the mall and they purchased a box or herbal tea. They looked at the box and had an idyllic scene with mountains in the distance surrounding a lake. The first girl said to the second, “That would be a wonderful place to live.” The other chimed in, “only if there was a mall nearby.”