August 15 Humor

# Late at night one of the inmates at an insane asylum yelled out, “I am Napoleon.” Across the hall someone yelled back, “How do you know?”    Napoleon said, “God told me.”    From another room a voice yelled out, “I did not.”

@ I was stationed in Panama and we had regular infantry patrols and drills in the hot equatorial jungle. We often complained that we could not have a refrigerator in our barracks like the non com’s and the officers. I got orders to transfer to Camp Wainwright in Alaska and the guys kidded me that when I got up there I could find out what happened to our refrigerators in Panama. Sure enough when I got settled into the camp every enlisted barracks had a refrigerator.

* “It’s so annoying when my dentist starts up a conversation while he’s working on my teeth,” one guy said to another.   “I know just what you mean”, replied his friend. “But my Uncle Edgar used to drive his dentist crazy.”   “How so?”   “He was ventriloquist.”