August 6 Humor

@ Our son-in-law, who is Japanese, hosted a dinner for the family at a local Japanese restaurant. When we picked up our chopsticks, he asked the waiter for fork. “You’re Japanese”, commented my nephew. “Why are you the only one not using chopsticks”? With a laugh, my son in law replied, “I like to show off how well I can eat with a fork.”

# A couple of the guys that worked at the hospital walked into the cafeteria and John slipped on the floor fell down and broke his arm. They called for the paramedics and put him on a gurney and rolled him out of the cafeteria. As he passed the curious diners on the gurney he called out. “It was the Chicken, Don’t eat the chicken.”

* The Leading executioner in Saudi Arabia says he likes his job and has no trouble sleeping at night. That’s, good listen, when the job stops being fun…