August 7 Humor

* One night a teacher with a couple of her girlfriends had  some drinks then went to a concert and found it full of young people. They were all about 40 and felt somewhat dowdy next to the energetic youngsters. As they left, the crowd a tall good looking man came up to her. She was wondering whether his approach would make staying more worthwhile. The handsome hunk said, “Do you remember me? You were my teacher in the third grade.”

# “How do you like the new minister”? A customer asked one of the merchants in small town.    “I haven’t heard him preach, but I like him fine”, said the merchant. “How can you like him if you haven’t heard him”?   ‘I know that he is good, because everyone in town is beginning to pay off their bills”.

@ A man went to see a psychiatrist in hopes that he could help his self esteem. He walked into the main office and saw two doors one marked Men and the other Women. He went through the Men’s door. Before him he saw two doors. One marked ‘Introvert” and one marked “Extrovert” he went through the introvert door. He saw two doors. One marked “Earning less that $40M” the other marked “Earning more than $40M”. He went through the “less than’ door and found himself in the street.