August 8 Humor

* It was evening and the hunters were sitting around the fire bragging about their dogs while the local guide just listened. One man bragged, “Take my Setter when I send him to the store for eggs he will not bring them home unless that are fresh” . The next man topped that with. “My Springer goes out for cigars and gets my brand and he will not take one until I offer it to him”.  “Say, old timer, have you ever heard of dogs as smart as ours?”    “Just one, my brother’s dog”, came the reply. “Oh!, How is he smarter”, they asked. “Well, his dog runs the store where your two dogs trade”.

@ I had a cosmic experience walking through the supermarket yesterday. I kept hearing a faint voice calling, “Water water”.  I followed the whisper to the spot where they shelved the Kool Aid.

* Riding the same bus route to work everyday, I got used to seeing the same people at the same bus stops. One bus stop had a bench and there was a man sitting on the bench drinking a cup of coffee waiting for the bus to come along. When the bus stopped the man took his last swig and set the cup on the ground beneath the bench and got on the bus. I wondered about this since at first it seemed like littering, except the cup was a jumbo china mug that had to cost some money to replace. The next morning I watched as we approached that bus stop and sure enough there he was sitting with his same ceramic coffee cup and he put the cup down on the grass and got on the bus again. This time though as I watched a dog came trotting up and picked up the cup and carried it back to his house for the next morning.