Bigger bang than I thought

A boy in China was lucky to escape with his life after playing with fireworks and triggering an explosion that ripped the sidewalk apart. Footage from the scene in Chifeng City showed the boy dropping one of the fireworks into a manhole. That ignited the methane gas trapped inside, causing the sidewalk to erupt. No one was injured in the blast ― not even the boy, who could be heard afterward telling his mother that he was scared ― but three cars were damaged.   Washington, D.C. found a dozen manholes where just a small spark could trigger an explosion (No comment about politicians).


Brilliant Flashes of Humor

I can’t believe people are still shooting fireworks off in October!
It’s scared the dog so badly he’s knocked the Christmas tree over.

The United States is a free country where every man is independent to do as his wife pleases.

July 4th PSA: On one hand fireworks are a lot of fun.
On the other hand I only have 2 fingers.

What’s your favorite game as a resident of Chicago?
Mine is “Gunshots Or Fireworks?”


July 3rd Birthdays

1998 – Sara Waisglass, 1991 – Nathalia Ramos, 1979 – Mia McKenna-Bruce

1962 – Tom Cruise, 1956 – Montel Williams, 1930 – Pete Fountain


Morning Motivator

“Do or not do. There is no try.” Yoda


See the explosions:

Boy gets surprise bang

Even stupider