Canadian Honesty

River Johnson of Enderby, Canada said she returned home from taking her elderly parents shopping at the Walmart store in Vernon, BC before she realized she no longer had the wallet, which contained $7,000 in Canadian currency from her two cannabis stores. “I was losing it, there was a lot of fear and hopelessness thinking I’m never going to see it again.” Johnson said she called the store, even though it was closed at the time, an employee answered the phone. “He said ‘don’t you worry, it’s in our safe.'” Johnson returned and was told that a manager, Ralph Buisine, had found the wallet and stored it in the safe for the owner to claim it. “This is way more than luck, this is angels at work … and it happened to be this guy, he was my angel that night, he’s an unsung hero,” Johnson said.


Northern Humor, Eh?

What does America have that Canada doesn’t?
Nice neighbors.

Kids are expensive, I didn’t even realize how broke I was until last year someone stole my identity and it ruined her life.

I think that the geese in Canada are racists.
They kept yelling, “honk eh’ honk eh’ honk eh”!

What do Saudi Arabia and Canada have in common?
It’s legal to get stoned!