Cat got your town?

Talking about a whole lot of famous feline, a cat has become the top-rated tourist attraction in the Polish town of Szczecin, bellying aside the locale’s actual historical landmarks. The black-and-white meow-nument, named Gacek — which means “long-eared bat” in Polish — boasts a whopping five stars on Google Maps, Business Insider reported. This put this rotund rat-catcher firmly ahead of the medieval city’s historic sites including a Pomeranian Duke’s Castle constructed in 1346.  Gacek even boasts his own Instagram page, where fans upload pics of the “King of Kaszubska Street” for people’s viewing pleasure. First appearing on said street 10 years ago, the Garfield-esque critter gained mainstream attention after appearing in a 2020 travel documentary, which has collectively been viewed 4.5 million times across Facebook and YouTube.

Now, pussycat lovers make pilgrimages from all over Europe to see Gacek in his wooden house, where he’s looked after by the owners of a neighboring shop. As people can plainly see, tourists have fed him plenty of snacks, shaping him into the tubby tabby he is today. “I am very fortunate to have come here and meet this distinguished gentle creature,” gushed one hyper Gacek fan. Another cat-agorical fanatic wrote that they’d flown all the way from Oslo, Norway to visit the sentient tourist attraction. “As expected, he didn’t pay any attention to me which made the experience fully wholesome.”  “If I could have a dinner with anyone in the world, I would fly again in an instant to feed him. Can recommend!”

Cats in clothes

If you thought the Polish tourist attraction cat was over the top, how about an annual cat fashion show in one of the world’s poorest countries? Cats in velvet, cats in skirts, cats in sunglasses, cats in football outfits: hundreds of felines were dressed to the nines Friday for Bangladesh’s largest-ever cat show. Owners sashayed down the catwalk carrying their furry friends, while others feasted in eating competitions or simply took cat-naps. Sunglasses were a popular item, as were matching hats and jackets, along with Brazil and Argentina football shirts. “It’s important to realize that these animals also want love, sympathy, and care.” Companion pets are largely the preserve of urban upper and middle classes, and felines dominate for religious reasons in the Muslim-majority country. Organizer Rabi Hasan purred with satisfaction at the turnout for the event, saying at least 900 cats took part, drawing more than 15,000 admirers. Nasif Ullah adorned his cat Poko with the features of a honeybee, and hoped the event would raise awareness among Bangladeshis of animal rights.

“Over doing” chuckles

My girlfriend said, “You act like a detective too much. I want to split up.”
“Good idea,” I replied. “We can cover more ground that way.”

I dressed my dog as cat, now he won’t come when I call him.

In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this.

A mother asked her son to lose their cat somewhere in the jungle.
The boy obeyed. The boy returned home and reported to his mom.
Son: “Mom! I led the cat far into the jungle. I even got lost!!”
Mother: “How were you able to come back home?”
Son: “I followed the cat.”

March 2nd Birthdays

1980 – Rebel Wilson, 1981 – Bryce Dallas Howard, 1995 – Veronica Dunn, 1990 – Nathalie Emanuel

982 – Ben Roethlisberger,  1904 – Doctor Suess,  1968 – Danielle Craig, 1962 – Jon Bon Jovi,

Morning Motivator:

Courage isn’t having the strength to go on –
it is going on when you don’t have strength.

Cat-astrophic Stardom