Crazy Fish Story 50 feet up

Philip Du Plessis was ‘losing his mind not being able to fish’. He was going stir crazy from the lockdown in United Arab Emirates. His fishing charter company was shut down and he was stuck in his apartment on the fifth floor overlooking the water he could not sail. “I suddenly realized after a bottle of wine over a lovely dinner that I knew there was a reason for choosing to live here,” he said. He decided to grab his fishing gear and throw a line down to the river below his apartment. He had to cast  50 feet just to reach the water and the hookup occurred after his second cast. He was able to catch a decent fish. Asked if he considered throwing the fish back, he replied: “No. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t have survived the fall and would have landed on the walkway below, so we gave it to the building security guard to eat.” One online person commented: ‘I believe you just started the next internet fishing challenge.’


The ones that didn’t get away

A fisherman was lugging a fish about as big as him down the pier to the wonder of the other guys standing around. Along the way he met a buddy who had a stringer with several fish on it. The proud fisherman dropped his oversized catch with a plop and said, “Howdy, Al” and waited for a comment. The fisher buddy looked over the beast and thought and thought then said, “only caught one, eh?”

Russian President Vladimir Putin was on vacation last week and apparently, he caught a giant 46-pound fish. Putin called it a crowning achievement, while the manager of the aquarium said, “What am I supposed to do? He’s president.”

A fisherman caught a fish so big that he dislocated his shoulder describing it.

Give a man a fish and you will feed him for the day. Teach a man to fish and he’s going to spend a fortune on gear he’ll only be using twice a year.