DeBlasio gets below the worst

DeBlasio gets below the worst

Bill de Blasio, fresh from his title as the worst mayor in America, was undaunted. He set up a snitch line where people could call in and snitch on their neighbors and strangers. You know those creatures that walk together, talking down the street, or go into a public place without a mask. This kind of thing has worked for the Gestapo in Germany and among the Red Brigades of the world. The line got thousands of calls and video messages. Most of them involve exposed body parts, but the language is not for publication. It got so foul, the line had to be closed down. Hooray for America.


Being a good tattle tale requires exceptional attention to details and then blowing them out of proportion.

A veteran congressman was asked what he had learned in the rough and tumble political arena. “Well,” he said, “I found it was not so much whether you won or lost, but how you placed the blame.”

I wish politicians cared half as much about doing their job as they do about getting elected.

Democracy is being allowed to vote for the candidate you dislike least.