December 15 Humor

* An American tourist stopped at an Inn in a small French village and ordered a couple of scrambled eggs for lunch. Afterward he noted with astonishment he had been charged five dollars a piece for the eggs and asked, “Are eggs scarce here? No, monsier”, said the innkeeper. “Eggs are plentiful, but Americans, they are scarce.”

# On the first day of an American history class at Purdue University in Indiana, the professor assigned five chapters on civil rights. The next day, he asked one of my classmates to name 10 of those rights. When the student made no response, the professor said, “All right name five”, still the student said nothing. Finally the exasperated prof begged him. “just name one right you have as a civilian”. To a room full of laughter, the young man replied “I have the right to remain silent.”

@ A shocked housewife was approached by a man on the city street: ” Why should a big strong man like you be out begging?” “Well Mam,  it is the only profession I know in which a gentleman can address a beautiful, sophisticated woman like you without an introduction.”