December 22 Humor

* One of my roommates at the University was doing a term paper on liquors and their affect on people. One evening, while doing research he took a bicycle over to a liquor store. When he entered the store He didn’t think to remove his helmet, which had a headlight mounted on the front, . When he asked the fellow behind the counter for a list of the liquors, the clerk replied “I’m not allowed to serve miners.”

@ There was a trial in the San Diego criminal court. Two men were on trial for an armed robbery. The prosecutor asked an eyewitness a series of questions. “Were you at the scene of this robbery?”  “Yes sir”. “Did you see the getaway car leave the scene at a high rate of speed?” “Yes sir”. “Did you observe the occupants of that car?” “Yes sir, two men.” And boomed the prosecutor with a wide sweeping gesture are those two men present in this court room today?” As the prosecutor swung about he saw that the two defendants had raised their hands.

@ A man called 911 reporting he had been robbed of more than $2000 in cash. Police were dispatched and they found the man beaten, bruised, and very angry. It took the police only a few minutes to get there because they head been summoned just a few minutes before to respond to a bank robbery in the same area. The attacked man turned out to be the bank robber, who was mobbed shortly after the heist.