December 5 Humor

* After rollerblading up and down a crowded boardwalk in San Diego, I sat down to rest and observe passers by. I watched a young father riding a bicycle with his son strapped snugly into the seat behind him. The back of the baby seat was this sign: “My dad is single. To meet him call 901-555-1234”.

@ Do you know how Columbus discovered America? He was drawn to the lights from the Indian casinos.

@ A tourist passing through South Dakota stopped at the blood bank to make a donation. Afterward, he was resting on a cot and saw another donor, who appeared to be a Native American. The tourist struck up a conversation and asked. “Do you live on the Sioux reservation up the road”? “Yes”, the man replied. “Are you a full-blooded Sioux?”  “Well, actually, no”, said the man. “Right now, I am a pint low”.