Dogwarts – Hairy Potter commands

Audriana Li, who runs” @dobbyisafreedoodle” on Instagram and TikTok, says she has taught her 3-year-old dog to respond to “Harry Potter” spells as commands. “I knew long before Dobby came along that I would train my future dog with ‘Harry Potter’ spells instead of regular commands,” she captioned a recent viral clip below. “I love feeling like I have real-life magical powers every time I ask him to come, stay, or play dead.” The Toronto resident named her Labradoodle after Dobby, the house elf in the “Harry Potter” series. Li revealed the 15 “Harry Potter” spells her pooch comprehends. She used common “Harry Potter” phrases and adapted them to commands that share similar meanings. Li started teaching her four-legged wizard some magic spells when he was just a few months old. “Accio (come / recall) was the first spell Dobby learned at 11 weeks old, and [my partner] Liam was actually the one to teach Dobby to Accio!” she continued.

“So if Dobby responds to Harry Potter spells, does that make him a wizard? Or does that make me a witch casting spells on my muggle dog?” she joked. The “Harry Potter” devotee knew her pooch would be a diehard fan like herself. He understands that “expelliarmus” means “drop it,” “wingardium leviosa” is for “jump up,” and “go to Azkaban” is the command to get into his crate. “Azkaban” refers to a prison fortress where wizarding criminals are sent. “Go to ‘Azkaban’ is my personal favorite — it makes me laugh every night to send him to ‘Azkaban’ and see him happily trot into his crate!” Li confessed. Li admitted the most requested spell Dobby receives from admirers is “Avada Kedavra,” which translates to “play dead.”

Li enjoys using spells as commands because it makes her feel like she has “real-life magical powers.” She explained the process of having Dobby learn the commands, as some spells were tricky. “‘Protego’ was supposed to be ‘leave it,’ but the words ‘leave it’ come screaming out of my mouth much more naturally when Dobby tries to eat garbage on our walks, so we changed ‘Protego’ to ‘tuck,’” she revealed. “We tried ‘Petrificus Totalus’ for stay,” Li continued, “But it was too much of a mouthful for a command that’s used frequently, so we opted for ‘Immobulus’ instead. “Imagine shouting ‘Avada Kedavra’ in public with [a] wand that [lights] up,” penned one Potter fan. Any “Dog sitters are going to love this,” joked a follower.

Pottering around with Harry

Why couldn’t Harry Potter find Hermione?
He was looking at all the Ron places.

Why does Voldemort only use Twitter and not Facebook?
Cause he only has followers, not friends. 

My girlfriend is a huge Harry Potter fan.
She always wears an invisibility cloak.

Why can’t Harry Potter draw a straight line?
He can only draw Diagon Alley.

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