Eh! That’s not my snake

A man was walking through a park in Toronto and was surprised to see a big snake coming out of the sewer. He called authorities and they captured the snake and gave it to a family in the area that had asked the sewer authorities to watch for their lost pet. The hook was this was not Monty the errant python, it was an impostor! How many snakes are in the Toronto sewer system. It turns out the city has a snake control department that captures about 20 snakes per year. Usually, pythons do not come up out of toilets, those are other kinds of snakes. So what happened to Monty and what should the family do with the fake snake? Monty showed up about three months later in the family’s basement and the fake snake went to the local herpetology society… But be careful if you are trapped in the sewer system, you might get the hug of your life. BTW: in in Windsor, Ontario they are so environmentally conscious they put their snakes in the recycling bins.


Hiss-terical puns

A snake walks into a bar
The bartender goes “How’d you do that?”

What is the term for fear of snakes?
Common sense.

Why would the world have been a better place if Adam and Eve had been Chinese?
Because they would have eaten the snake instead of the apple.

A spider, a snake and a kangaroo walked into a bar
it was just a normal day in Australia


November 27th Birthdays

1964 – Robin Givens, 1973 – Samantha Harris, 1937 – Gail Sheehy
1942 – Jimi Hendrix, 1940 – Bruce Lee, 1995 – Ricardo Hoyas, 1976 – Jaleel White


Morning Motivator

In the solving of life’s problems we can find our greatest pleasure.


Serpentine city

Python with no hisstory