February 6 Humor

@ The phone rang at the National Weather Service where I was a meteorologist, and the caller asked what the wind chill factor would be at the current temperature of 0°F plus a wind of 60 miles an hour. I explained that we did not have any wind now to cause a windchill.   ” I know that”, she said. “My husband just drove his motorcycle down the Thruway at 60 miles an hour and now I’m desperately trying to thaw him out in the kitchen.”

* I passed a man on the street was reaching into the passenger door of his Mercedes. Sitting behind the wheel on the driver’s side with a large golden retriever. I joked with the man. “I guess you let him do all the driving”. “Are you kidding,” he replied. “Not since that rascal wrecked my Porsch.”

* It was evening and the hunters were sitting around the fire bragging about their dogs while the local guide just listened. One man bragged, “Take my Setter when I send him to the store for eggs he will not bring them home unless they are fresh.”   The next man topped that with. “My Springer goes out for cigars and gets my brand and he will not take one until I offer it to him.”  “Say, old timer, have you ever heard of dogs as smart as ours?”    “Just one, my brother’s dog,” came the reply. “Oh!, How is he smarter,” they asked. “Well, his dog runs the store where your two dogs trade.”