Finding my sister at the restaurant

Cassandra Madison, 32, and Julia Tinetti, 31, met in 2013 while working at the same restaurant in New Haven, CT. Cassandra walked swiftly past Julia, who noticed the Dominican Republic tattoo on her left arm. Julia has the same one on her back. “I was like, ‘Hey, are you from the Dominican Republic?’” Julia said. “And she like speeds past me and she’s like, ‘Yeah, but I’m adopted.’ And I’m like, ‘Wait, so am I!’ We hit it off, and it was like ‘dadadada.’” And even though other people told them they looked alike, errors on Julia’s adoption paperwork said it wasn’t possible. On TikTok, Tinetti said: “We started twinning, we wore the same clothes. We actually bought shirts one day that said, ‘I’m the big sister/I’m the little sister.’” Two years ago, when Cassandra started the search for her birth family, she and Tinetti found out they had seven other siblings. Out of nine children, the newfound sisters were the only two adopted.


Recognizable humor

My son Luke loves that we named him after a Star Wars character.
His sister Chewbacca not so much.

A guy just told me that my wife and my daughter look like sisters.
I told him, “Well, they were separated at birth.”

Two long lost friends meet on the street.
1st Guy: “So what’ve you been up to?”
2nd Guy: “Just got back from Africa where I taught a famous tribe to play cards.”
1st guy : Really! Zulus?”
2nd guy: “Nope, won every time!”

Did you know Darth Vader has a sister?
Her name is Ella.


March 3rd Birthdays

1986 – Stacie Orrico, 1970 – Julie Bowen, 1983 – Jessica Biel
1998 – Jayson Tatum, 1962 – Herschel Walker, 1978 – Douglas Osmond


Morning Motivator

Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.


My sister by another lister