Geezer runs all of Africa

Russ Cook on Sunday completed a mammoth quest to run the length of Africa having overcome health scares, visa troubles and even an armed robbery. The 27-year-old set off from the most southerly point, the South African village of L’Agulhas on April 22 last year. Travelling through 16 countries, with the 352-day odyssey including suffering food poisoning. Russ arrived late in the afternoon at Cape Angela in Tunisia, where the sculpture behind him in the picture marks the “northernmost point of the African continent.” The epic endeavor saw him live up to his “hardest geezer” nickname to complete the grueling 10,000 mile journey. By the time he crossed the finish line in Tunisia, he had taken more than 19 million steps across 16 countries, running the equivalent of 385 marathons in 351 days. He crossed mountains, tropical forests and deserts, including the mighty Sahara. Cook’s efforts have raised more than $695,000 for the Running Charity and for Sandblast, which raises awareness for the indigenous people in Western Sahara.

It was not only the running that challenged the extreme runner. In Angola, he and his team were robbed at gunpoint, while Cook’s difficulties in obtaining a visa for Algeria nearly derailed the entire project. In the Sahara, he ran at night to escape the searing heat and scorching sun. In Nigeria, doctors told him to cut back on his daily mileage because of the pain he was suffering, but Cook still kept going. “We wanted to open up the last day of this project to anyone and everyone who has been watching and supporting,” he said on X. “Come and run the last marathon, the last half, 10 km, Whatever you fancy,” he added. Cook was accompanied by supporters on the final leg of his journey, many of whom had flown out especially to be there. “I saw the post on Instagram where he invited everyone out. I was laying on my couch, it was a Sunday afternoon, I saw it and he said everybody can come,” Warren Blake from the U.S. “I just couldn’t miss a crazy historic opportunity like this.”

The end of the challenge was celebrated with a party at a hotel in Africa’s northernmost city. Geezer joked throughout his journey that he craved a strawberry daiquiri. “Get your daiquiris ready girls and boys this is gonna be mega,” he added. “I’m a totally normal bloke, so if I can do this, hopefully people can apply this to their own lives in whichever way they choose,” he said. “For 99 percent of people, it’s not going to be running across Africa, but it might look like chasing their dreams a little bit more,” he added. Last week he described the past year as “the toughest in my life but an immense honor.” “We have met incredible people in every single country we’ve been to that have welcomed us with love and kindness. The human spirit is a beautiful thing,” he said.

Jogging Joviality

My doctor told me that jogging could add years to my life.
He was so right….. I feel 10 years older and I only jogged for 15 minutes

I treat every day like I’m running a marathon tomorrow…
I rest, don’t run and load up on carbs.

This morning I choked on water while jogging for the third time this week…
Worst running gag ever.

One day Pete Buttigieg was out jogging and accidentally fell from a bridge into a very cold river.
Three boys playing along the river saw the accident. Without a second thought, they jumped in the water and dragged the wet jogger out of the river. After cleaning up he said, “Boys, you saved the Secretary of Transportation today. You deserve a reward. You name it, I’ll give it to you.”
The first boy said, “Please, I’d like tickets to Disneyland!”
“I’d like a pair of Nike Air Turbos,” the second boy said.
“I’ll buy them myself and give them to you,” said Pete, wondering what happened to his chase car.
 “And I’d like a wheelchair with a stereo in it,” said the third boy.
“I’ll personally … wait a second, son, you’re not handicapped!”
“No, but I will be when my father finds out who I saved from drowning.”

April 12th Birthdays

1980 – Jennifer Morrison, 1974 – Christina Moore, 1980 – Claire Danes, 1981 – Tulsi Gabbard

1947 – Tom Clancy, 1948 – James Taylor,  1946 – Ed O’Neill, 1956 – Andy Garcia

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