Germans stomaching ingenuity

What if you had a 24 hour need for food and you had blue laws that limited stores to be open functionality only during daylight. You could “starve,” you could plan ahead, or you could innovate. One idea that is blitzing Germany is vending machines with sausage and meat accoutrements.  According to the German Press Agency, the machines are particularly popular outside big cities. Where butcher shops close earlier there is a strong development to vending machines. There are currently more than 570,000 sausage vending machines in Germany. Bratwurst and bockwurst are most common, but some machines deliver barbecued meats, steak, potato salad, vegetables, milk and other products to customers.

The Wurst jokes

U.S. vending machines to begin displaying calorie information to encourage smarter snack choices.
Machines’ reflective glass surface not doing the trick.

I was at the swimming center with my son. I said, “Use your legs, come on. Keep kicking. Your arms are doing all the work.” His candy bar got stuck in the vending machine.

We can put a man on the moon..
but God forbid the vending machine take my slightly bent dollar.

I always used to think air was free…
then I bought a bag of Potato Chips from the vending machine.


Birthdays on July 8th

1982 -Sophia Bush, 1994 – Aimee Kelly, 1995 – Gabriella Green, 1998 – Maya Hawke

1982 – Lance Gross, 1969 – Michael Weatherly, 1950 – Wolfgang Puck, 1961 – Toby Keith


Morning Motivator

The only difference between a flower and a weed is a judgment.


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The future of sandwiches