Paragliding is so easy…

What could be more relaxing than sitting on the couch fondling the remote, watching TV with a drink in hand. Hasan Kaval takes it to the next level in the video below. He has rigged a paragliding sail with a couch and some of the relaxing comforts of home sailing from a mountain top of 6800 feet down to sea level. The Turkish paragliding instructor was not strapped in. While the couch was in the sky, he kicked off his shoes and swapped them for slippers, started eating chips and drinking soda. The rig was able to land safely. Kaval said his stunt was aimed at showing how safe the sport of paragliding can be.



Para Humor

No one needs a helmet for paragliding. Head injuries typically occur on the ground.

When in doubt, hold on to your altitude. No-one has ever collided with the sky.

Why is the Turkish President like Little Miss Muffett?
They both have Kurds in their way

An inmate in Erdogan’s prison goes to the jail’s library to borrow a book. The librarian says: “We don’t have this book, but we have the author in cell block 13.”


July 7th Birthdays

1980 – Michelle Kwan 1973 – Kristen Vangsness, 1996 – Alyssa Lynch

1967 – Jim Gaffigan,   1922 – Pierre Cardin, 1988 – Steven Crowder


Morning Motivator

I see a forest in every seed.


The link to floating success

Enjoy a tension free ride to the earth