Giant Veggies

It is that time of year when the whole world changes their interest from football and winter clothes to Giant Pumpkins. So far, the winner this year is a Pumpkin Weighing 2,749 Pounds that sets World Record for Biggest Gourd. It was grown and nurtured by a Minnesota horticulture teacher, Travis Gienger of Anoka, Minn. His lumpy, orange pumpkin that could produce at least 687 pies. “I was not expecting that. It was quite the feeling,” said Gienger, 43, who has been growing pumpkins for nearly 30 years and last year set a new U.S. record for growing a giant gourd. The previous world record for heaviest pumpkin was set by a grower in Italy who produced a 2,702-pound. Gienger grows his gourds in the pumpkin patch in his backyard. He said this year he decided to give his plants extra care, watering them up to 12 times a day and feeding and fertilizing them a bit more than usual.

But wait, there is more than pumpkins being fertilized out there: Henry D’Angela harvested an 8-foot, 4.79-inch zucchini from his garden that might be the longest on record., the Guiness sanction is pending. The current record zucchini is 8 feet, 3.3 inches. “I didn’t start out to grow the longest,” D’Angela told ThoroldToday. “It just happened to be in a new area I had never grown before. The soil has done really well for it. It’s amazing.” He is keeping the massive zucchini in his garage until he hears back from Guinness World Records.

This photo might look like a scene out of Alice in Wonderland, but that is actually Lauren Evans being dwarfed by her father’s prized giant green cabbage! John Evans has over 40 years of gardening experience and comes from a line of expert horticulturists. He and his wife, Mary, have accumulated more than 180 first places in the Alaska State Fair competitions in both quality and giant vegetable categories, and also held 18 state and 7 world records. How is that for a short growing season?

Pickles, anyone? Yitzhak Yizdanpana has produced a massive 44 inch cucumber. He says he did not use fertilizer or other soil additives to reap this beauty and the crazy thing is that the unstoppable vegetable was still growing at an inch per week, as of July 8! The previous world record for the longest cucumber was 36 inches. Great job, Yitzhak!

The star of the picture frame here is grown by Peter Glazebrook, from Nottinghamshire, UK. Believe it or not his onion was not the biggest ever according to the judges at Guiness, but Peter is a showman for sure.

Veggie  tales

Took my children to the dinosaur museum today. Spent the whole day looking up at the giant sculptures, I discovered a new species.

I quit my job after my boss started paying me in vegetables.
I couldn’t live off of that celery.

My sister thought she was soo smart, she said the only vegetable or fruit that can make her cry is a onion.
So I threw a coconut at her.

What was the snowman doing in the vegetable patch?
Picking his nose.

November 3rd Birthdays

1953 – Kate Kapshaw, 1954 – Kathy Kinney, 1997 – Aria Wallace, 1950 – Anna Wintour

1918 – Bob Feller, 1989 – Agnus McClaren,  1953 – Dennis Miller, 1998 – Carson Rowland

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