Rent some trouble

Kathleen and Alex were setting up their dream wedding in Florida. They had rented a room at one of the resort hotels outside Orlando and were enjoying the Florida sun and theme parks as they waited for their guests to arrive for the big event. Their plans were clicking right along, the flight was fine, the hotel ballroom was fine and they were in love. Coming out of Orlando after a day of sightseeing they called for an Uber to give them a ride back to the hotel. Elijah Mills responded to their call and picked them up in a Chevrolet Equinox crossover SUV. But the real story had started about three weeks earlier…

Eijah wanted to make some money and he decided the easiest way to do that was to be an Uber driver. One wrinkle, he did not have a car. He did carry a driver’s license so he could rent a car for his new enterprise. Whether he was operating at a loss, or the temptation of cash money was too great, the complications of operating a real business overwhelmed Elijah, he decided he could really boost his profits by not paying for the rental of car. Elijah was bright enough to know that after a day or two with no answer from him to the rental company’s phone calls they would shut the car’s starter off and his business would be finished. Being a creative guy he just reasoned he would keep the car running as long as he needed it.

When Kathleen and Alex got into the taxi ride, the car had been running for three weeks straight. Elijah had to stop at a lot of gas stations, but he had a ride and he had a business. The car rental company reported the car stolen and police in the neighboring county had a “Be on the lookout” for the license plate and vehicle description. One sheriff spotted the stolen car with folks in it and called for backup. When four cruisers had arrived, they pulled the rental over and pulled the people out of the car.

It turns out Elijah didn’t really have a valid driver’s license and it remains unclear how he was getting the pickup requests from Uber. The car of course was stolen and had to be towed to the impound lot because the starter had been disabled by the rental agency. This left Kathleen and Alex standing on the side of the road at about 10 pm still about 7 miles from their hotel. The sheriffs took pity on them and offered to take them to the hotel, but the couple asked one more favor. They wanted to get their pictures taken with the police and the stolen car, so folks back in England would believe their story.

Rental ruminations

Man gets hit by a rental car.
Says, “It Hertz.”

What do you call a moving truck rental company in Texas? “U-all.”

My daughter wanted a bouncy castle for her birthday. The guy said the rental was $150 and the set-up fee was $300 dollars. I said, “That’s outrageous!”
He just shrugged and said, “That’s Bidenflation for you.”

I just spent $600 on a limousine rental, and I just found out that doesn’t include a driver.
Spent all that money and I have nothing to chauffeur it.

November 6th Birthdays

1972 – Rebcca Romijn, 1996 – Katy LeClerk, 1946 – Sally Field, 1988 – Emma Stone

1991 – Pierson Fode, 1979 – Lamar Odom, 1970 – Ethan Hawke,  1918 – Adolph Sax

Morning Motivator:

No goal is too high for the man who equips himself with patience to achieve it.

Great plans