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They say criminals always return to the scene of the crime. A bumbling California bank robber couldn’t even wait a day before he came back to the same branch he allegedly just robbed. Samuel Brown, 33, was busted after he tried to rob the same Fountain Valley Chase bank two days in a row. The San Diego resident took off with “a large amount of cash” after he slipped a stickup note to a teller at the Newhope Street Chase Bank Monday. That went so well, Brown, came back to the bank the next morning and tried to rob it again. Staff and police immediately recognized him. He was arrested without incident. Brown had an outstanding arrest warrant and a rap sheet that included previous robbery convictions in San Diego, police stated. He is being held on $170,000 bail in Orange County Jail and facing multiple robbery charges, the release said.

Two would-be burglars were foiled Saturday when one of them accidentally butt dialed 911 while sitting outside the restaurant they were allegedly making plans to rob where the local police chief also happened to be eating. Danville Police Chief Tony Gray was dining at Brothers BBQ when he was notified by a fellow officer that there was a possible robbery in the works. “There was some conversation about when they should do it, they might be recognized if they do it in Danville, and I think they did talk about some different locations,” Gray said. “Somewhere in the conversation my name was brought up.” Luckily, police dispatch was able locate where the call was coming from, enabling officers to apprehend the two men, who were later identified as Robert Bourne and David Grigsby. “They were pulled out of their vehicle and patted down, found a mask on one of the suspects,” Gray said, noting that no weapons were found in the car. The two were both charged with public intoxication but have since been released on their own recognizances. Neither if these men were ever part of the FBI plot to kidnap Michigan’s governor.

Devin Washington proved he had passing grades and was committed to going above and beyond during an interview at a Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen on Saturday. Devin helped employees apprehend a man who tried to rob the restaurant. The 18 year old was in the middle of interviewing for a position at a New Orleans location of the fast food chain when the suspect—later identified as Pablo Ciscart—attempted to take money from an open cash register and flee the scene, reports police. Danyanna Metoyer, the manager conducting the interview, blocked the man from exiting while Washington pinned his arm behind him. They then held him until police arrived. Metoyer said she had already decided to hire Washington before the incident, but his actions sealed the deal. “You’re hired; you earned it,” she told him, according to the Associated Press.

Criminal laughter

A German bank robber sent mocking emails to local police, ridiculing their efforts to arrest him. First, he let them know they had his age, build, and accent wrong. Then he corrected their announcement that he’d escaped on foot; no, he had a getaway car! The cops got the last word in, though, when they arrested the guy a few hours later. They used his email to trace him.

A Target store in Augusta, Georgia, agreed to take back a printer from a dissatisfied customer. Then the clerk noticed some work the customer forgot to remove from the machine: Counterfeit bills.

For a trio of drug thieves, it was their lucky day. They broke into a home in Silver Springs, Florida, and discovered three jars of cocaine. They took it home and snorted the contents. That’s when they discovered that the jars were in fact urns and that they were snorting the cremains of the victim’s husband and two dogs.

Dumb criminals commit violent crimes that don’t pay too well.
Smart criminals commit white collar crimes.
Really smart criminals become politicians.

October 3rd Birthdays

1969 – Gwen Stefani, 1984 – Tessa Thompson, 1989 – Alicia Vikander, 1974 – Neve Campbell

1941 – Chubby Checker,  1954  – Dennis Eckersley, 1951 – Dave Winfield, 1963 – Tommy Lee

Morning Motivator:

Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events.
Small minds discuss people.

Scene of the crimes