Who is at fault?

A woman in San Francisco was found with life-threatening injuries late Monday after being hit by one car and then trapped under a self-driving car. First responders arrived and found the woman underneath the left rear axle of a stopped Cruise autonomous vehicle. San Francisco Fire Capt. Justin Shore said, “Rescuers did not have any drivers or any passengers to ask about the nature of the injuries or how the victim came to be beneath the vehicle,” Shore said. Officers rendered aid to the woman and medics rushed to her a hospital.

Video reconstructed from the cameras on the cruise test vehicle (shown above) present the accident unfolding this way: As a green car driven by a human traveled down the street approaching the intersection in the center lane, the Cruise vehicle was slightly behind traveling in the same direction in the curb lane. As both cars approached the intersection the traffic signal turned green for them. As the leading green car approached the crosswalk a female pedestrian tried to run in front of the manned car to beat the light. The pedestrian was not fast enough and the green car hit her sending her across its hood and over the top of the first vehicle. Her body then slid off the passenger side of the green car and fell next to the driverless cruise car which was traveling a little behind in the curb lane, The Cruise detected the falling body and immediately stopped, but may have also impacted the body at the end of its flight and ended up stopped above the woman. The green, human driven ca,r fled the scene, the cruise vehicle was stopped and alerted their home office while other passers by called police.

Cruise said its autonomous vehicle remained at the scene of the crash at the request of police. The pedestrian was being treated at San Francisco General Hospital “Our heartfelt concern and focus is the wellbeing of the person who was injured and we are actively working with police to help identify the responsible driver,” the Cruise spokesperson said.

While the human driven vehicle did most of the damage, there is some question over whether a human driver in the curb lane would have been fast enough to see the woman being hit and stopped in the curb lane vehicle faster. Cruise test vehicles have been blamed for accidents with emergency equipment and causing traffic jams by stopping in the middle of the road to wait for instructions when they get confused.

Self-driving scares

They finally figured out why the computerized self-driving car has crashed…
They didn’t install the driver.

I have a self-driving car, yesterday I added Microsoft word to its AI program.
Today the car wrote it’s autobiography.

I have a bumper sticker that says, “Honk if you think I’m sexy.”
Then I sit at green lights until I feel good about myself.

Sure is taking Google a long time to make a self-driving car.
They’re hitting one obstacle after another.

October 4th Birthdays

1989 – Melissa Benoist, 1990 – Dakota Johnson, 1977 – Alicia Silverstone, 1997 – Ella Balinska

1989 – Derek Rose, 1958 – Bill Faggerbakke, 1998 – Dale Whibley, 1987 – Michael Roman

Morning Motivator:

Discipline and foresight weighs ounces, regret weighs tons.

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