Is this your dog?

Cleo the yellow lab in Missouri


When Colton Michael got home from work last Wednesday, he found a dog on his front porch. It was as if the yellow lab-border collie mix was waiting for Michael to arrive. The dog wasn’t his — but it seemed like she felt at home. The dog, identified as Cleo, had lived at the house in Lawson, Missouri. The Michael’s family moved into the house in November 2018 and had never seen the dog before. Cleo’s family had moved to Kansas. So, to get back to their old house in Missouri, she had to travel 57 miles. Colton took Cleo to a vet and had her chip read, then called Cleo’s family. “You could see in her eyes that she didn’t recognize or trust us, but as soon as the owners’ car pulled up her ears perked up, and when she saw the boys, she changed her demeanor like flipping a switch,” Colton said.

mminature black poodle dog


Cleo wasn’t the only traveling dog, Bella jumped out of a senior citizen’s the car window in South Carolina and ended up in Miami where someone else had Bella’s chip read 11 days and 600 miles later.



Doggone Humor

When my children got over the thrill of riding on the moving truck and unpacking their boxes at the new house, they noticed our dog was missing. We jumped in the car and drove back to the old neighborhood afraid the dog would never find us at the new house. The dog was not there so we went driving up and down the streets calling and looking in all the yards. We got back to our old street and one of neighbors was on the porch. I asked him if he had seen our dog, He replied, “Yes, he has been following your car around for the last ten minutes.”

Why did Dorothy get lost in Oz?
She had three men giving her directions.

I lost my to do list
I don’t know what to do about it

Elon Musk would never have to worry if he lost his son named  “X”
He could just go to a mathematician to find him.


July 30th Birthdays

1985 – Gina Rodriquez, 1981 – April Bowlby, 1966 – Lisa Kudrow
1972 – Tom Green, 1947 – Arnold Schwarzenegger, 1969 – Terry Crews


Morning Motivator

Success comes in cans because failure comes in can’ts


See the Pooches in Peril

Lost dogs return