January 17 Humor

* A Scotsman decked out in his clan tartan stood on the train platform in Dublin when another Scot came along and inquired, “Where are you bound for?”   “I am going to Kilarney for my honeymoon”, said the young man. “Where is you wife then?” “I’m no takin her,” said the bridegroom, “She has been there before, so I left her home.”

@ A woman came home from shopping and mused with her husband, “Will you still love me when my hair is gray”? He replied, “Why not, I loved you through all the other colors?”

@ A man and wife were shopping and the woman insisted that he stop at the drug store so she could get some coloring for her hair. The hubby asked, “When are you going to stop buying that expensive stuff and  just let your hair go gray like Barbara Bush? She replied, “The day you are inaugurated.”