January 25 Humor

* John Kennedy was campaigning in a small Midwestern town and after a short speech took some time to shake hands and sign autographs. A line formed and a little red haired boy came through the line looking familiar. The president asked him, “Say, didn’t I sign this for you before?”¬† “Yes you did,” the boy said, “But I was hoping you could write a little plainer this time.”

* This is a strange country when it comes to electing a president, we get two choices, but when we start to select Miss America, we get 50.

* How many presidents does it take to change a lightbulb, none they only promised change.

@ I called a friend of mine who had just moved to the islands. Within a couple of sentences, I realized she was pretty much down in the dumps. I asked what was wrong, she replied. “I am having a tropical depression.”