January 27 Humor

* A Columbus, Ohio criminal thought he had found the perfect person to rob. Heck, he would not even have to wear a mask. The would-be robber had targeted a blind man, thinking he would be an easy mark. The robber knew the victim was blind, but didn’t know the blind man was a state wrestling champion. When the robber tried to strong-arm his victim he found himself flipping through the air, being slammed roughly to the ground, and held in a half nelson until police arrived.

* Name calling and profanity are not tolerated at our Texas junior high school so I was concerned when a student complained that another student had called Him the E word?  I asked, “What E word did he call you”? I couldn’t even think of one. He lowered his face voice and eyes and muttered, “idiot”.

@ A friend  announced recently that she had started a fire in her microwave. She explained: “I needed so many paper towels to absorb the grease when cooking bacon, I thought I’d save money and use newspaper”.   “Did you ruin the oven”? I asked. “Well”, she continued reluctantly, “not the first time…”