January 29 Humor

* When we were talking about my upcoming trip to Disneyland, one of my coworkers said she would love to live there. Just imagine living in a castle and being awakened every morning by the kiss of a handsome prince. I smiled and shrugged saying this happens to my wife every morning. “Every morning” she questioned, “and you allow it?”

* Watching a particularly romantic ending to a Disney animated video, my five-year-old sghed. “I hope I meet my prince someday”, she said wistfully  . “Of course you will, I reassured her. “You know, I met my prince the day I met your daddy”. puzzled she turned to me and said,  “Who was  he?”

@ One of the display freezers in our store broke and we quickly removed all the product from the shelves and moved it to the back room freezer. A customer came in and started reading the sign on the display case out loud. “Low Cholesterol, Low Sodium, Reduced fat. Ice cream” Only then did he notice there was nothing in the case. He muttered, “I knew it was too good to be true,” and stomped off.