July 15 Humor

* On an upper Manhattan sidewalk a woman was causing a little commotion by walking her 4 foot platypus on a leash with a rhinestone collar. People walking by stopped to look and then did a double take. Some stopped and asked questions and then moved on.  Two boys walked by and one said to the other: “Wow, that is one ugly dog.”

# I got a great deal on a Rembrandt painting from his black velvet period. It was very educational. I did not know dogs played poker in the 16th century.

@ After an uneventful flight, the plane on which I was flight attendant landed at New York’s JFK airport. The captain, new to New York, steered us off the runway, onto the taxiway and slowly we begin taxiing, first turning to the right, then to the left. Soon the aircraft turned completely around and stopped again. Finally, over the public address system, a confused voice asked, “Does anyone know where gate 25 is?”