July 21 Humor

* The robber of a liquor store not only ordered the clerk to give him all the cash in the register. He also ordered the clerk to hand him an expensive bottle of scotch. The clerk said he didn’t think the man was 21. To prove that he was legal, the robber pulled out his driver’s license and showed it to the clerk. The clerk gave him a bottle of scotch and the robber took off. The clerk, who had memorized the man’s name and address, called police and gave them the information that they needed.

* A man entered a restaurant at closing time, pushed the gun in the cook’s face, demanded all the money and 10 hamburgers to go. The cook explained that the grill was turned off it and would take 10 minutes for it to heat up enough to start cooking. He said he was hungry and would wait. A passerby saw the robbery in progress and alerted the police, two all beef paddy wagons came.

* A customer at a home improvement store placed an electric drill on the counter along with a $100 bill while the clerk was ringing up the sale the man pulled out a gun and demanded all the cash in the register. The clerk quickly obliged giving the man the entire contents of the drawer which was $95. The crook took the money and fled the store. Sounds like a successful robbery right? Well it would’ve been if the man had not left his original hundred dollar bill and the drill on the counter. Do you think the clerk should be allowed to keep the five dollars as a tip?