July 22 Humor

* Here’s the case of a 25-year-old would-be robber who turned himself in at the scene of the crime by accident and had made several mistakes in his attempt to hold up a 7-11 store in Shoreline, Washington. His first mistake was wearing a black ski mask perched on top of his head instead of over his face. Then he couldn’t figure out how to open the cash register, during his frantic button pushing marathon he accidentally triggered the silent alarm and brought the police to the store and him into jail.

@ A man was visiting the northern peninsula of Michigan talked with one of the farmers of the region. He said, “It must get really, really cold up here in the winter, I don’t see how you can stand to be in the cold and dark for so many months.” The farmer answered, “We don’t even try anymore, We go South for the winter.” “Oh, you go to Florida?” “No”, said the farmer,  “to Cleveland.”