July 4 Humor

* A lawyer and a doctor who were having dinner at the country club. “I have a real problem”, the doctor said to the lawyer. “Members of this club ask me for all kinds of medical advice. They search my practice. What can I do?”  “That’s easy”, said the attorney,  “send them a bill”. Two days later the doctor received a bill from the lawyer.

* There was a pretty young nursing student who broke off her engagement to a doctor. She was telling her girlfriend all about it.

“Do you mean to say he actually wanted all his presents back?”

“Not only that”, sniffled the girl, “He sent me a bill for 36 house calls”.

# When my son Christopher was 10 years old, he asked me to help with a classroom assignment he was given. “I have to make a list of the things that had not yet been invented when you were 10”, he said, pencil poised over paper. “Well, for starters, the wheel”, I replied waiting patiently for the laugh that never came. I felt even worse when he wrote it down. “Okay, the wheel,” he said. “What else?”