June 1 Humor

 * The tax preparer asked the woman, “When was your son born?” she said in December last year.   “That is great because you can claim him as deduction for the whole year that way.”    “Really?”    “Sure, that is why there are so many babies are born in December.”    “Oh”, she replied, “I thought it was because of St. Patrick’s day.”

 * A relative had our family tree traced back to its medieval roots in England. On a trip to Britain, my wife and I visited the Goodrich Castle, which bears our name. Near the castle’s entrance was a little shed were a woman was taking tickets. I jokingly told her that my name was Goodrich and that I had come from the United States to claim the castle. “Oh, good”, she explained, “We have been waiting for you to pay the last nine hundred years in back taxes”.

 # The Beatles sang “All you need is love” and then they broke up.