June 18 Humor

 * Our daughter was at an Army retreat in the back woods of Georgia for a leadership training exercise. She had to spend 6 weeks living in the woods in primitive conditions. She called home one weekend and explained she had met one of the men and she was interested in him. She explained, “but because we are not allowed to wear makeup,  he really has no idea what I look like.”

 @ Late at night one of the inmates at an insane asylum yelled out, “I am Napoleon.” Across the hall someone yelled back, “How do you know?”    Napoleon said, “God told me.”    From another room a voice yelled out, “I did not.”

 # A proper lady went to the animal shelter and took home a cat to be her house pet. A day later, she called back and said they would have to return the cat because it was a bird killer and she could not bear to see another animal harmed. She offered to have her husband make a contribution to the society for their trouble taking the cat back. She explained that would have to wait a few days though, “Because my husband is up north deer hunting.”