June 21 Humor

 * One farmer came upon another in town and asked, “Well Sam, How’s crops”?  Sam thought for a minute and reported: “Waal, the fillin’ station and the Dairy Queen ain’t doing so well, but it looks like Macbeth in the barn is going to be held over for another week.”

 * It was fall harvest, so my brother and sister-in-law took their grandsons, Brandon and Connor to visit their first farm. Brandon and had never had a candy apple, so Nancy bought one for him.  “Connor would you like one?” she asked. “Say no,” Brandon whispered to his brother after taking a bite. “There’s a real apple in there.”

 # I can’t get over the price of cigarettes. Yesterday I bought a carton and told the clerk I was sorry all I had was a $100 bill. He said, “That’s all right, you can pay me the rest tomorrow.”