June 26 Humor

 * One of my roommates at the University was doing a term paper on liquors and their affect on people. One evening, while doing research he took a bicycle over to a liquor store. When he entered the store He didn’t think to remove his helmet, which had a headlight mounted on the front,. When he asked the fellow behind the counter for a list of the liquors, the clerk replied “I’m not allowed to serve miners”.

 @ I went to the ballet and saw all these girls dancing on their tip toes. Why don’t they just get taller girls?

 * After rollerblading up and down a crowded boardwalk in San Diego, I sat down to rest and observe passers by. I watched the young father riding a bicycle with his son strapped snugly into the seat behind him. The back of the baby seat was this sign: “My dad is single. To meet him call 901-555-1234”.