June 3 Humor

 # At a Washington cocktail party two strangers strike up a conversation. After a few minutes of small talk, one asked, “Have you heard the latest White House joke?” The second fellow held up his hand. “Wait, before you begin, I should tell you that I work in the White House”.  “Oh don’t worry”, the first man replied, “I’ll tell it very slowly”.

 @ I had just spent 3 hours arguing with the bureau of motor vehicles while waiting in several lines and on the way home I stopped at the sporting goods store to get something for my son. I approached the register with the baseball bat and the clerk asked, “Cash or charge”? I snapped “Cash” at her and then, apologizing for my tone, explained I had just been mistreated at the License bureau. Giving me my change she asked, “Do you want this in a bag or are you going right back there”.

 * In January 1991, I was being deployed to operation Desert Storm. Before boarding a C-141 transport I had to go through tight security. After a meticulous  x-ray of all my carry-on bags, I removed all metal objects from a uniform was finally able to pass in the metal detector without setting off the alarm. Just out of curiosity, I asked airmen operating a checkpoint, “Why did you make me go through all that?”   “We want to be sure you aren’t carrying any weapons on board”, he said, handing me back my M-16 rifle.