June 6 Humor

 * Isn’t it really wonderful the way the keep trying to update those old movies, next year they’re going to make Frankenstein again with a nude scene.

 @ Eating at a sidewalk café in California our waitress looked like a real surfer girl. Long blond hair, a great tan and athletic build. The girl waiting as my wife mulled over the menu then asked the waitress, “Is the roast beef rare?”

The girl replied, “Well no. We have it, like every day.”

 # The other day one of my coworkers came to work with bandages on both ears. I asked the bachelor what happened and he said  he was in a hurry to get ready for a date and was ironing a shirt. While he was ironing the phone rang, confused he picked up the iron and put it to his ear and got burned. I asked, “What happened to the other ear”? He said, “They called back.”