Look what I found

Look what I found

David and Emily Schantz and their children went for a ride Saturday to get out of the house when they ran over one a canvas bag in the road. At first, the family thought they had hit a bunch of trash. Then they stopped and found another bag in a nearby ditch. The Schantz’s tossed the bags in the back of their pickup and kept going. It was only after they returned home that they realized they had nearly $1 million in cash wrapped in plastic inside the two unmarked canvas bags. Sheriff’s deputies were called and took inventory determining the money totaled nearly $1 million. “For someone to be so honest and willing to give a million dollars back, we are proud they represented this county so well.” Major Scott Moser. Emily Schantz said her family was simply doing “the right thing.”


Funny Money Lessons

Walking down Fifth Avenue today and I found a wallet
I was going to keep it rather than return it.
But I thought: “Well, if I lost a hundred and fifty dollars, how would I feel?”
And then realized, I would want to be taught a lesson.

In Las Vegas people can tithe by dropping casino chips into the offertory.
And at the end of each weekend, there is a Brother that goes around to all the casinos to cash them out and make a deposit.
He’s the Chip Monk.

I found a wallet with 20 dollars in it. I wasn’t sure How to proceed, But then I thought, ”What would Jesus do?”
So I turned it into wine. It was a religious experience.

Receptionist: “Did someone around here lose a roll of money with a red rubber band around it.”
Clerk: “Yes, I did.”     Receptionist: “Well, here is the rubber band.”