Lucky boy falls in lake

A six-year-old boy, named Cesar, was flying slowly over the gorge on the Amazonian Expedition at Parque Fundidora, in the Mexican state of Nuevo León. He was  pretty skeptical riding 40 or 50 feet in the air on a zipline above the jungle. This ride was one of several at the park. Family members filmed the moment he and the man assigned to protect and encourage him made their way down the zipline. They enjoyed watching the pair take on the experience before their laughter turned to screams. As the family watched and others filmed the ride with their cell phones, Cesar’s harness came to a stop out over the lake in the park. As the guide got close to Cesar, he started to slip out of the safety harness that tied him to the cable above him. In spite of the coach trying to grab Cesar as he fell, the little guy dropped about 40 feet into the lake. Everyone screamed. 

Lucky for Cesar the lake is about 20 feet deep and Cesar was scared but popped up and tried to swim to shore. A Good Samaritan jumped in the pool to save him from drowning and encountered problems reaching the shore before the boy’s brother and his sister’s boyfriend pulled them out to safety. Cesar succeeded, but the helpful rescuer ended up swallowing more water than the boy.  He only suffered minor injuries. His brother, J Cesar Sauceda, said the six-year-old is now recovering physically from the accident, but described him as ‘psychologically damaged’ and ‘afraid’. Family members have blamed inadequate training at the park as the reason why staff did not better handle the situation.

The zipline attraction is operated by an individual as a sub-franchise, according to authorities looking into the incident. There was a family picture showing the worn web harness with the fractured ends on the sidewalk at the park as the EMT’s examined the stars of this adventure. A government agency in Nuevo León suspended various attractions at Parque Fundidora after Cesar’s adventure. The government added, “So, we will continue to implement the necessary measures to guarantee that the companies rigorously comply with their contracts.” The family asked… why none of the workers knew how to swim. So this time everyone is lucky, safe and healthy with a great story to tell.

Gravity Uppers

I read a book about anti-gravity once…
It was impossible to put down.

There is no such thing as gravity.
The world just sucks!!

At one time a falling Apple led to the Theory of Gravity.
Now, it’s just a broken iPhone.

Gravity is really important as a fundamental force of nature.
But if you get rid of it you get gravy.

March 29th Birthdays

1969 – Lucy Lawless, 1961 – Amy Sedaris, 2001 – Ysa Penareejo, 2000 – Hana Hayes

1990 – Carlos Pena,  1918 – Sam Walton, 1991 – Josh Blaylock, 1974 – Kristoffer Cusick

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