It looked so easy on TikTok

Mark Chacon had seen it done a hundred times on social media. It was easy to be rich in the US. Everybody had so much of everything they didn’t even care if you took their stuff. Just watch the news. Well, that might work in LA or New York, but if you live around Albuquerque, NM it is a little different, but much more entertaining. So Mark tried his “magic shopping” technique at Walgreens in the mall and he got away with a bag full of stuff. One of the ladies in the store started yelling at him to stop and followed him out the front door into the mall parking lot. And then the cavalry arrived. Mounted Albuquerque police had just gotten their horses out of their trailer and mounted up when they heard the yelling. In the “Howdy Pardner” video below you can watch our hero running his horse between pillars on the sidewalk to catch up with the TikTok overachiever. Mark was not stopping just because people were yelling at him, he started running.

Now this is 2024 and the police are not allowed to rope and shoot from the saddle so a low-speed chase ensued. Mark was no Usain Boldt, so the first officer just followed him and kept cutting mark off from getting on to the main road. “It wasn’t me,” he yells as he leads the horse and police officer into the street, stopping traffic. Within a few minutes Mark was running out of gas and resorted to fast walking dodging back forth to try to shake the horse following him. By that time the other two mounted officers had him cornered and one jumped off and cuffed the heavily breathing man. Mark has been charged with stealing $230 worth of merchandise from the Walgreens, according to the Albuquerque Police Department.

Some likened the scene to a Wild West stand-off, with the alleged shoplifter seen racing away from officers who pursued on horseback. The “flashback to the Wild West” saw the two horse-mounted officers shouting, “Stop, You are being detained” as they caught up to the Walgreens shoplifter. A crowd of bystanders could be heard cheering on police as they pursued the suspect, with one person heard yelling: “Go get him, go get him.” Mark was charged with shoplifting, evading police on foot, and possession of drug paraphernalia. This adventure sure reminded me of the “McCloud” TV series with the old fashioned sheriff in the modern American West…

Yup, Come to think about it: Mark did become a star on social media.

Horsing Around

100 years ago everyone owned a horse and only the rich had cars.
Today everyone has a car and only the rich have horses.
Oh how the stables have turned.

Don’t order hay for your horse from Amazon.
After a couple of days they’ll ask for your feed back.

What’s a horse’s primary concern when voting?
A stable economy.

Sam said to Fred, “I put $20 on a horse last week, and he came in at twenty-five to one.”
“Wow! you must be loaded,” said Fred. “Not really,” said George. “The rest of the field came in at twelve-thirty.”

April 1st Birthdays

1962 – Susan Boyle, 1988 – Mackenzie Davis, 1956 – Libby Riddles, 1928 – Debbie Reynolds

1950 – Samuel Alito, 1929 – Bo Schembechler, 1983 – Matt Lanter, 1908 – Abraham Maslow

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