March 13 Humor

* In a letter to the editor of a South Carolina newspaper, a reader wrote I’m in favor of daylight saving time. “I have planted a vegetable garden for many years and find it does much better with an extra hour of sunlight every day.”

@ The phone rang at the National Weather Service where I was a meteorologist, and the caller asked what the wind chill factor would be at the current temperature of 0°F plus a wind of 60 miles an hour. I explained that we did not have any wind now to cause a windchill.   ” I know that”, she said. “My husband just drove his motorcycle down the Thruway at 60 miles an hour and now I’m desperately trying to thaw him out in the kitchen.”

@ A thief was chilled to the bone after getting trapped in the cooler of a Longhorn Barbecue restaurant in Spokane, Washington. The frozen felon accidentally let the cooler door close behind him when he went in to purloin some sirloin. The Sheriff’s deputies thawed the thief out and they noticed he was completely covered in barbecue sauce. The man had been hugging huge racks of still warm left over barbecue ribs as his only source of heat.