March 16 Humor

* “Did that new medicine you got your aunt cure her?”  “Oh no, She read the safety sheet in the package and got two more diseases.”

@ The sergeant stood over the private and tested him asking, “What is the first thing you do when cleaning a rifle?” The private replied, “Look at the serial number.”  “What has that got to do with it?” bellowed the sergeant.  “To make sure I am cleaning my own gun.”

* We had an old cat named Tiger that needed medication everyday. Needless to say, the cat did not consider this a good time. So every night my husband would get a big towel,to wrap around the cat. He wrestled the toweled cat between his knees and forced its mouth open and put the pill down its throat. This worked pretty well, until one night the squirming cat wiggled away and my husband dropped the pill which rolled across the floor. Tiger bounded after the pill and promptly ate it right up.