March 18 Humor

* A cute girl was giving the customer a manicure in the barber shop. The guy decided to hit on her and asked “How about you and I going to eat later?  The girl said, “I am married.” The Romeo told her, “So call up your husband and tell him that you are going to go out with a girlfriend.”  “You can tell him yourself, he is shaving you.”

@ The man was taking a break from skiing at Vail. He was sucking on a hot chocolate at the bar when a young couple came up to him and tapped him on the shoulder. He turned and they asked, “Are you Henry Mancini.” The composer gathered his best “Aw shucks” smile and said, “Well, yes I am.” The tourist held out his hand and said, “you dropped your credit card.”

@ Recently my Visa card was stolen. Now it is everywhere I want to be.