March 2 Humor

* A group of people were having a discussion on a porch in New Hampshire. A car came by, the driver, looking for directions, said,   “We’d like to go to Manchester.” The porch sitters thought for a moment and replied, “We have no objection.”

@ I served in the Army with a guy who did strange things: he bounced an imaginary basketball wherever he went. Eventually a psychiatrist labeled him unfit for duty, which led to a medical discharge. After the proceedings, he addressed the officer in charge. “Sir, may I approach?”   With permission granted, he went through the motion of putting something on the officer’s desk. “What is this?” asked the officer. “My basketball. I don’t need it anymore.”

@ Before a major college basketball game between two top 20 teams, one student nudged another and said, “Look at that player. I wonder what’s the matter with him? He looks so depressed.”  “Haven’t you heard?” said his teammate. “It’s because his father is always calling him for money.”