March 27 Humor

*A small town doc got a call late at night and the Appalachian American man reported his baby had swallowed the cork screw. The doc got his bag and dressed to leave for their house when the phone rang again. The same man said, “It’s all right now doc, we found another corkscrew.”

@ Will and Ray, a  couple of farmers, met at the town hardware store on Saturday. Willie lamented , “I had some problems with my herd. My prize bull was impotent, so I called the vet and he gave him some medicine and now he seems to be doing fine.” The next week Ray met Willie again and said,  “My Bull has had problems too.  What was that medicine the vet prescribed?”  “I don’t know,” answered Willie, “but it tastes like chocolate.”

# Seattle voters have an overwhelming rejected a proposal to raise money for preschoolers by having a ten cent a cup tax on espresso drinks. I’m just glad it got defeated because if it had passed, there would have been riots: people turning over BMWs, looting the Pottery Barn, police would have had to subdue them with fresh ground pepper spray.