March 29 Humor

 * My two sons, who are 6’8″ tall, consume a tremendous amount of food and drink. Out to dinner one night in one of our favorite eateries which has a policy of free refills on beverages, my older son was keeping the waitress very busy. As the harried waitress came to the table and put the ninth refill in front of my son, she asked, “can I get you an IV?”

* Banks charge a “service fee” to give you your own money back at an ATM. Coke machines will soon expect a tip.

# Some Texans went to Minnesota to go ice fishing, after setting up the tent, they started to cut a hole in the ice. As they pulled the cord on the chainsaw they heard a voice from above, “There are no fish under this ice.” When they pulled the starter cord again the same voice and tone said,  “There are no fish under this ice.”   “Is that you God,” asked the man.  “No, this is the rink announcer, there are no fish under this ice.”