March 5 Humor

* One Moscow father was complimenting his comrade on the fine sons he had raised. He said, ” You must be really proud of your boys. One is a people’s doctor and one is a people’s lawyer and one is a people’s artist.”  “They are fine boys” the father said, “but the one I am proudest of is in America.” “Oh, What does he do in America?”   “He sends money to us every month so that we all can eat the people’s food.”

@ Three economists went hunting and came across a large deer:  The first economist fired but missed by a meter to the left. The second fired but missed by a meter to the right. The third economist didn’t fire at all but shouted in triumph, “We got it, we got it.”

# My Boss’ wife was exasperated with her sister, who always bought unreliable cars and then called Sherry to bail her out of the mechanical breakdown situations. One day Sherry got a call from her sister looking for a ride from her latest incident. Sherry asked, “What happened this time?” “The brakes went out,” came the reply. “Where are you now?, Sherry asked. “I am in the Walgreen’s at Pearl and Bagley” came the reply. “And where is the car now? It is in here with me.”